Special Thanks to partners and sponsors!

We can not organise an IWT or any other big event without the support of people. That can be helpers and judges who are out in the field for 2 days or volunteers preparing the event months in advance. But there are also people contributing financially, with a certain risk that their investment might or might not pay off. We would like to give them some more exposure so we will publish articles, special offers or short interviews with these people. Hoping they will continue to support our sport  also in the future!


 De Bokkesprong 

banner bokkesprong

One of the most complete and exclusive country clothing shops in The Netherlands will be present with the full collection for both days at the IWT. The Bokkesprong will bring trusted brands, such as Dubarry, Chevalier and Deerhunter. As a lover of the English countryside, nature, hunting, dog handling or outdoor activities, you will be able to find comfortable clothing and boots in line with the latest trends and fashion. Have a look at the website: De Bokkesprong


jachthondenbanner TranscontinentaBushnell believes in providing the highest quality, most reliable & affordable sports optics products on the market. They have a wide range of products varying from riflescopes to binoculars. We are very grateful to Bushnell for their professional digital range finder that they have contributed to the event and are proud to have them as a brand connected to the IWT! Have a look at their website for the full professional portfolio: Bushnell website

Gouweloos Techniek

Koen Gouweloos is not only actively involved in field trial competitions, but professionally also runs Gouweloos Technique, a main contractor for (electro) technical project development. For the past years, Koen has been a very loyal sponsor to large field trails and International Working Tests, supporting these events financially over the past years so that the organization can keep costs low for participants and spectators, while organizing a professional event.

Time to ask this loyal sponsor why he is giving this financial support, while it is unlikely to expect that his company will profit from these “dog related” sponsorships.

koen gouweloos

“Since I was 10 years old, I have been involved in hunting. In the shooting season you can find me at least once a week hunting in the field. 

Then the dogs came into my life, when I was 19 years I competed with my 1st wirehaired pointer. Then I changed to field trial labradors. I have had some excellent dogs. Around 2000 there was Anouk of Upperclaws, with whom I participated in the Nimrod, Fieldtrials and we joined the Dutch IWT team twice. More recently I competed with Dane of the Springcottage and we won the Dutch Field Trial Champion Title together. And participated at the IWT 2015

koen gouweloos 2Hunting is the prime purpose of my dogs, but I support the field trial competitions and this discipline with my whole heart. Therefor I encourage this growing professionalism and I respect all the hours people put in voluntarily with organizing these competitions. To continue this development I have decided to support it financially.”

The company website can be found here: Gouweloos Techniek

Pettowel, Pinewood and Hubertus Gold

Three well known brands in the outdoor and dog sports market have joined forces to present themselves in a joint stand at IWT 2019: Pettowel, Pinewood and Hubertus Gold.

Pettowel will bring anything you need for your dog training equipment; Dummies in all sizes and variations, dog whistles, dog lines, dummy vests or bags, etc.


And of course their famous Pet-Towel to dry your dog with. If you need something specific, feel free to contact them beforehand via their website (https://www.pettowel.nl ) and they will bring it to the IWT. Saves you the postage costs on your new dummies for example!

Pinewood is a leading outdoor manufacturer of outdoor clothing and accessories for active outdoor and dog-sport people. They strive to produce high quality outdoor clothing at reasonable prices, so all of us can enjoy all outdoor activities under all (Dutch!) weather conditions!

PinewoodThey have new collections every six months, so have a look at their new spring/ summer 2019 collection which they will bring to the IWT 2019 at https://www.pinewood.eu/nl/

Hubertus Gold delivers Premium Food for active dogs made from excellent food components.


Hubertus Gold guarantees vitality, strong bones, strong muscles, healthy skin and shiny fur for your dog. The Hubertus Gold range includes both dry as well as wet food and snacks. Come by for a sample at the IWT or contact us beforehand at https://www.hubertusgold.nl

Ooms Real Estate  & Financial Services

Besides being one of the IWT judges, Roy Ehbel runs Ooms Makelaars & Financieel Adviseurs with his partners.

Ooms is a solid and reliable service provider for both the residential as well as the commercial real estate market, financial advice and real estate valuation.

At Ooms, the customer is at the centre of the company. Ooms represents a fixed value in the rapidly changing market, balancing reliability and innovation to outperform on the clients’ expectations. With a personal approach, people at Ooms like their work as much as you like your home. Ooms creates room to do business, freedom of living and is fun to work at.

We appreciate that Roy has taken the effort to make a financial contribution to the IWT on behalf of Ooms Real Estate & Financial Services!



Schermafbeelding 2019-04-04 om 14.52.49Gundogsonline is a gundog webshop with a broad range of training equipment, ranging from puppy dummies to cold game, pheasant and partridge shaped dummies. Have a look at the wide range of training equipment at https://www.gundogsonline.nl


Medpets_Banner_Algemeen_685x250Your pet is your best friend – this is why you want the best for your loyal companion. Medpets is your favourite online pet shop with a large selection in pet supplies. As an animal lover, you will find everything you are looking for. Choose from our selection of 500 high quality brands, such as pet toys from KONG or Nina Ottosson, Royal Canin pet food and protective suits from Medical Pet Shirt.
Medpets is a trustworthy online pet pharmacy that offers pet medications, diet food and food supplements. Are you looking for calming products that could help your pet during stressful events such as Bonfire Night or when moving house? Pheromone diffusers from Feliway or Adaptil could help your four-legged friend be more calm and reduce tension and stress. Medpets also offers a wide range in medicines and supplements for dogs and cats, such as medicines for bladder and kidney problems, obesity in dogs and cats or supplements for the gastrointestinal system.


ORWEJA stands for “Organization for Hunting Dogs Competition” and is a collaboration between the Dutch Hunting Association and the Dutch Kennel Club.


ORWEJA is among other things responsible for the proper functioning of the competition system for hunting dogs and gundogs, includinghunting dog tests, working tests and field trials.

In line with this responsibility, ORWEJA has decided to support the IWT 2019 financially, in order to further professionalize the quality of hunting dog work, both national as well as on an international level.



Dutch Labrador Association (NLV)Logo_NLV2011_DEF

The Dutch Labrador Organisation (NLV) has a long history with IWT and is the largest Labrador breed association in the Netherlands. In recent history, they have organized previous IWTs in The Netherlands, both in 1999 as well as in 2009. This IWT we have found an active and supportive partner in them, who will for sure be present at the IWT tests! Their website can be found at: NLV.nu


Best Hunting

Many of us have met Wim van Remortel. He is a very reliable partner for everybody who is actively involved in shooting or working with dogs. Many of the Dutch field trials are organized together with Wim. But many more people book trips with Best Hunting to France, Scotland, England or even South Africa.



For more information and direct bookings: Best Hunting & Wim van Remortel


Het Brabants Jachthuis

Not only did the shop just move to a new location in Uden , Het Brabants Jachthuis  now also has an extensive choice in hunting-, gundog-, fishing-, walking- and cycling clothes and materials. Clothes for warm and cold weather, wind- and waterproof. From chique to casual, everybody can find their choice at every price.

Logo Het Brabants Jachthuis


Have a look at: Het Brabants Jachthuis


Knives and Tools

Ever since 1999 we have been selling the best top-quality products for outdoor enthusiasts. From hunting knives to lights, binoculars and other (outdoor) gear. But that is not all. To properly prepare your game we offer the best selection of kitchen knives and accessories. Yes, we have truly got you covered. We sell exclusive brands and have everything in stock.
Have a look at: www.knivesandtools.nl




All of us know the dummies of Mystique, and otherwise you will know them after the IWT! Mystique might be most famous for the dummies, but also sells dummy vests, lanyards, whistles and much more.


Have a look at: Mystique-dummy.sk


Swintrans Shipping

Swintrans Freight is one of the most important inland shipping transporters in Europe. Specialized in inland waterway transport, transshipment of various goods and disposing container vessels for all kind of shipping companies. Swintrans ships from the sea ports to many destinations within Europe, such as Germany, UK, France, etc.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has determined that many more goods shall be transported on inland waterways by means of the so-called “Blue Road”. By intense use of the Blue Road, the collective trade mark for inland shipping, the CO2-emissions, as well as the traffic jams will be reduced.



Being located in the watery area of the Netherlands, we are also actively involved in nature management, of which hunting is a crucial part. We support the IWT because we appreciate good dog work when we practice hunting.


Zuithof Cars

Experience the Subaru Forester Hunter Edition yourself! Combine your visit to the IWT 2019 with a test drive at Zuithof Suzuki, in Bornerbroek. You are welcome, please contact Jarno Zuithof (+31 74 384 1352) for more information or to book your test drive at Zuithof cars

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-27 om 18.50.46



A loyal sponsor to the IWT for the past years, Firedog has been so kind to donate prices for the winning teams. Their product portfolio is much broader than the Firedog dummies that everybody knows from previous IWT, have a look at: Firedog.eu

Golden Retriever Club Netherlands

It pleases the Golden Retriever Club Netherlands https://www.goldenretrieverclub.nl/ that in this years contest our Golden Retrieverteam Netherlands 2 can show it’s talents. This contest is not just about winning but also about teamspirit and abilities. Goldens and handlers stimulating each other in order to bring out the very best of their skills.

logo GRCN zwart wit

The Golden Retriever, allthough eager and fast, likes to think as well, remembering, deducting and planning where to go, in order to find it’s target. What make’s it a spectaculair sight, is the pleasure they show in what they’re doing. Golden Retrievers are fabulous to work with.


Banner_IWT_jagen_635x102Jagen.nl is a Dutch website which covers all aspects about hunting. It offers more than 3000 links categorized in 200 subjects, reports on news items and has an agenda with all relevant dates. Jagen.nl helps us with the hosting of the website and the email platform. For a direct link: Jagen.nl