IWT 2019

The International Working Test (IWT) is the equivalent of the European Championship for hunting dogs and will take place on 1st and 2nd of June at Landgoed ’t Zelle.
40 Teams, consisting of 3 dogs each, from 15 different European countries will compete for these 2 days to find out which team is the most successful.
Each day all 40 teams go through a sequence of 5 different tests, all based on practical situations which could occur during a day in the field. This will include crossing water, searching in a dense forest, or gun shots which could easily distract the dog.

Well trained dogs are essential; when out on a shoot and a geese or duck gets shot and lands in the water you will soon understand why a well-trained dog is essential. The dog should listen well to the handler (the name of the person “handling/instructing” the dog) and retrieve the game quickly and efficiently.

Each year the IWT takes place in a different European country. It has been exactly 10 years ago since The Netherlands hosted the IWT for retrievers. That is why we are delighted to host the 2019 edition again in The Netherlands.

To make sure you will see some beautiful nature in our densely populated country, we will take you into the more rural part of our Low Lands. About 150km east of the Rotterdam harbour and Schiphol airport Amsterdam, among old estates and historical landscape.
We are welcoming the best teams from Europe and are looking forward to a fair and challenging competition!

Both days are open for public, come over and enjoy some excellent dog work!

Google Maps location:

Google Maps location of IWT Competition Grounds. For navigation purposes.
For teams on Friday and spectators on Saturday and Sunday.

Address of Competition ground:
Landgoed ’t Zelle
Ruurloseweg 95

Please include the area code in your navigation, since there is a city with the same name nearby!